Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 1...

As I followed more and more friends on their blogs, the more I thought to myself there is no way I would/could/want to ever do that.  I'm too busy....  I don't have anything to say....  Why??....  I am a born and raised Midwesterner, transplanted to Virginia.  I have two children under 3, I teach music, I am happily married, and my life is fairly routine.  I do a (very little) bit of crafting and I enjoy cooking and baking.  What is so interesting about my life that I would feel like sharing with more than just the people I see and/or talk to on a daily basis?

And then it happened.  I finished a cross-stitching project that I've been working on since shortly after my daughter was born.  After two years and eight months, I completed an afghan of Noah's Ark with individual squares for the animals.  I've been sharing the progress of this piece with a few other teachers at work and I was so excited to be able to bring in a finished product.  After receiving a few comments about the blanket, I thought about wanting to share it with more than just my little circle of teachers.

So here goes.  I can't promise to be a regular blogger.  I can't promise that the posts will necessarily be very interesting.  And I can't promise that I will post many pictures because my daughter likes to hide our camera.  But we'll see what happens.  Hopefully more to come about the Noah's Ark blanket and we will go from there.

Umm... to be continued?

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